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The UK Government has an ambitious target to ban the sale of new ‘wholly powered’ petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030. There is an additional provision for the sale of new hybrid vehicles until 2035.

As a result of this legislation, there has inevitably been an increase in electric vehicle sales. The all-electric share of the UK car market had grown to 6.6% by the end of 2020. Although still low, it is a significant increase from the 2018 figure of 0.7%.

At present, the UK electric-car charging infrastructure is disjointed and complex. Still, with the anticipated leap in Electric Vehicles (EVs), you can expect significant developments over the next few years.

A greener transportation future has arrived

As with electric vehicles, we are still in the early stages of EV charging. There are huge improvements needed to the existing UK charging network. With demand rising, the infrastructure will require significant investment over the coming years. Technology is developing with rapid charging becoming the norm for the commercial charging network. There is still no universal charging system, with manufacturers using differing power output and connection types, so make sure you do lots of research before buying an electric car.

Always read the manufacturer's advice before installing an EV charger; Immersa will provide the best advice to try and future-proof any installation.

We have partnered with several manufacturers to supply and fit EV charging kits wherever they are required.

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Type of charging connections:

There are three main types of EV charging - slow, fast and rapid. Each uses different connections.



Usually best suited to home charging, cheaper to use, and ideal when overnight charging is possible.



Mainly found in car parks, shopping centres and leisure facilities. Charging time range from 2-6 hours depending on kW output.



Rapid, ultra-rapid and supercharger - again, are vehicle dependant, with newer models supporting rapid charging.



Supercharge option that is only available to selected models.

It is hard to predict how the charging network and its associated costs will evolve over the coming years. At present many locations offer free charging, but this varies significantly across the UK.

Currently, there isn’t a big enough resale electric vehicle market, but be aware when looking at used EVs that their power and charging match your expectations, as some of the early models are limited.

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Home charging is the key to cost effective electric vehicle ownership

Charging your electric vehicle overnight at home costs less than half the price of the equivalent petrol or diesel cost. The higher EV purchase price will equal out over the time you have the car, with less maintenance requirements on EVs helping tip the balance further in your favour.

Many UK utility suppliers offer an EV charging tariff, only available to electric car owners. Use comparison sites to find the best deals, and switch as much as possible to ensure the most significant savings.

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles offers a grant known as the OLEV Grant or the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) and can reduce the cost of your home charger by up to £350. If you’re eligible, you’ll be able to claim back from the government. More information on the scheme can be found here.

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Making your electric vehicle truly green

Solar PV or wind generation can power your EV with several products now available which can harness your green energy helping to make your home and car carbon neutral. Immersa can discuss a full range of options, including solar installation and battery storage. 


Immersa provides unique turnkey renewable solutions, including consultancy, design and project management for ground mount solar PV. Our team will assist with planning and funding through to construction and power purchase agreements (PPA).

Careers at Immersa

Careers at Immersa

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