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Battery Storage

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Having the ability to store your renewable energy is a game-changer for businesses across the globe. The evolution of commercial battery storage solutions allows organisations to control their energy now as they plan for the future.

Installing battery storage solutions on-site offers your business the ability to store and discharge electricity to meet demand and potentially operate independently from the grid with backup power when demand is high.

Immersa turnkey solutions for battery storage include analysing your business to tailor the best technologies. We then design and plan your system through installation and aftercare.

Creating commercial energy-efficient battery storage systems

It is possible to install battery storage as a standalone product to store energy from the grid when tariffs are lower. To make battery storage a truly efficient part of your renewable energy future requires integration with commercial solar PV. Although other renewable solutions are on the market, solar PV is more affordable and is easier to achieve planning consent. You can read more about commercial solar PV here.

Our commercial battery storage partner, CellCube Energy, has been pioneering energy storage infrastructure for 15 years. The CellCube energy storage system provides clean and emission-free power. Certified with international standards, they have wide temperature tolerances, and containerisation allows easy transport and relocation. The modular design allows for plug & play clustering and grid expansion.

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The benefits of energy storage for business

Now is the time to decide on energy storage; here's why:

sustainable energy


Store your clean solar energy to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and spiralling grid energy costs.

backup power


Use battery energy and remain operational in the event of a grid power outage or energy rationing.

peak shaving


Discharge your stored self-generated energy at times of peak demand and avoid peak-time energy costs.



Build and expand your energy network and operate independently from the National Grid.

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Scalable and flexible battery storage that put you in control of your energy future

Our reliance on fossil fuels is reducing year on year, but the UK is many decades away from net-zero. Although generating renewable energy is a top priority for power providers changing an infrastructure 100 years in the making will take a substantial financial investment. With investors still expecting a dividend, your energy bills will rise sharply over the coming years.

The only way to ensure your business controls its energy costs is to invest in your energy future - now. As your professional renewable energy expert, Immersa will help you plan, implement and manage your commercial Solar PV and Energy Storage System (ESS). Our team will ensure you maximise the power you generate and store to reduce the energy you buy from the grid and manage any excess energy you sell back into the grid.

Alpha ESS product range


Through Immersa's partnership with Alpha ESS in the UK, we provide access to a range of high performance and cost-effective battery storage units for commercial and residential applications.

Our commercial energy storage division offers solutions from 30 kW to Megawatt plus. We have a wide variety of products available, including the Alpha Storion T30 three-phase commercial system and the highly engineered and low maintenance Storion T50. Explore our range of products below, where you can download our specification sheets. You can contact us at any point to discuss the Alpha Storion range and our turnkey consultancy services.



Storion Series T30

Energy Storage System (ESS) for commercial and industrial applications has a german designed modular system, AC-coupled and retrofit compatible and 24/7 Monitoring with local interface.



Storion T50

This highly engineered commercial and industrial Energy Storage System has the ability to be used as an uninterrupted power supply and off-grid, with easy installation and low maintenance.



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If you would like more information on our Alpha range of ESS, or to find out more about how Immersa can help you become energy independent, contact us now using the enquiry form.


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Create an Energy Smart Plan for your business

Creating a Smart Energy Plan is key to building a complete renewable solution for your business. Leaving an organisation in a strong position for the next generation is high on the agenda of any board or business owner. How many consider how they will keep the lights on as energy prices increase.

Immersa will create a Smart Power Plan that will assess your current demand combined with business growth projections. Our site survey will illustrate the suitability for renewable technology and ESS capacity. Scalability is at the core of renewable energy giving you options to increase your solar array and add additional battery storage where possible.


Immersa provides unique turnkey renewable solutions, including consultancy, design and project management for ground mount solar PV. Our team will assist with planning and funding through to construction and power purchase agreements (PPA).

About Immersa

About Immersa

Immersa helps UK businesses to become sustainable and energy independent through an innovative approach to consultancy and implementation of renewable solutions. We are an industry-leading and forward-thinking company with decades of combined experience in the renewable sector.


Structure and People

Structure and People

With decades of experience in the energy and renewable sectors, Immersa offers knowledge and expertise which is recognised throughout the industry. Explore our structure and people to discover why Immersa is regarded as one of the UK's leading renewables consultancy.



From renewable technologies to energy storage solutions, our advisers have the knowledge and expertise to support your journey to energy independence.

Our processes ensure you have the facts, and we guide you to make informed decisions to harness the opportunities from renewable energy.

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