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Energy Storage Battery Costs To Half Over The Next Decade

Research company BloombergNEF (BNEF) has reported in Energy Storage Outlook 2019, published recently, predicts a further halving of lithium-ion battery costs per kW-hour by 2030, as demand takes off in two different markets – stationary storage and electric vehicles.

Celebrating Our 5th Anniversary

Immersa is delighted to announce the latest milestone in our company history. We are officially five years old, and so far, it's been an incredible journey.

The continued success and growth of our business is encouraging, as are the developments within the renewable energy and storage sector.

Strategic Partnership with CellCube

The partnership agreement between Immersa and CellCube brings an exciting new era for battery storage solutions within the UK. On 31st January 2019 a joint press release was issued and many of the energy sector publications covered this story. Here we share the full press release.


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