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Immersa is delighted to announce our exclusive UK agreement to supply the Alpha Energy Storage System (ESS) for residential and commercial applications.

The range starts with the SMILE B3 is an AC coupled all-in-one battery energy storage system (3kW / 2.9kWh). It can help to achieve the optimal usage of renewable energy and can control the bi-directional flow of electric power, work under auto/manual & time-of-use (TOU) modes, charge/discharge the battery as per customer’s setting.

We have a wide variety of products available including Alpha Storion T30 three-phase commercial system. Explore our range of products below, where you can download our specification sheets. You can contact us at any point to discuss the Alpha range and our other services.


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Alpha Smile B3
The highlights

Modular design, affordability and easy installation, just some of the reasons why the Smile B3 is the innovative solution for domestic battery storage.

Under the auto mode, SMILE B3 will store surplus renewable energy onto the battery and discharge battery to supply power to local loads when renewable energy is not enough. SMILE B3 is equipped with 3 buttons, user-friendly system. More importantly, SMILE B3 is stable, safe and reliable.


Built-in battery

Modular design

Easy installation - low maintenance

24/7 monitoring

Alpha Smile B3

Lithium Ion
Lithium ion phosphate, the safest chemistry of all lithium battery types
Compatible with both new installations and retrofits AC- or DC-coupled
German design, superb performance and long lifespan
Multiple operation modes available
Alpha Smile B3 - 3kW

Alpha Smile B3 - 3kW

The perfect energy storage solution for residential properties. Under the auto mode, SMILE B3 will store surplus renewable energy onto the battery and discharge battery to supply power to local loads when renewable energy is not enough.

Alpha Smile B5 - 5kW

Alpha Smile B5 - 5kW

The Alpha Smile B5 energy storage system (ESS) offers a larger capacity of 5kW. Ideal for larger residential properties which require extra battery storage capacity.

Alpha Smile T10 - 10kW

Alpha Smile T10 - 10kW

AlphaESS Storion-SMILE-T10 can be applied in DC-coupled systems in new installation and AC-coupled systems mainly in retrofit and Hybrid-coupled systems. With a 10kW storage capacity which will increase your chances of energy freedom.

Alpha Storion T30 5kW

Alpha Storion T30 5kW

The Storion-T30 complements the three-phase product series, which has all combined the energy management system with inverter, cables and batteries together into an all-in-one system. Furthermore the Storion-ECO series presents a very cost-efficient refinement of the Storion series, which are more suitable for families consuming less electricity.

Alpha Storion T50/T100 - 50/100 kW

Alpha Storion T50/T100 - 50/100 kW

Energy Storage System (ESS) for commercial and industrial applications and industrial applications. STORION SERIES. 50/100 kW On-/Off-Grid Energy Storage System. T50/T100. Key Features. On/Off micro-grid compatible. 24/7 Monitoring with local interface.

Enquire Now

Enquire Now

If you would like to find out more about the Alpha ESS range, exclusively supplied in the UK by Immersa. Our expert team would be have to discuss more details around pricing, supply and multi-unit purchases. Contact us on: T +44 (0) 1453 545222  

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Alpha Cloud

Built on the Microsoft Azure cloud server

Real-time monitoring anywhere with web and mobile apps

Remote control of system for maximum savings

cloud monitoring


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